HFH house
A Habitat for Humanity house built in a previous year. This one is set up for a disabled person.

Since 2008 Habitat for Humanity Malawi with funds from the Gates Foundation has supported 681 Individual Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC’s) with improved shelter, homeowner training on HIV prevention, malaria prevention, and property rights & will writing in the Mulanje and Salima districts of Malawi

Cost estimates

Three to four room house and VIP latrine for six (on average) OVC household members

Total cost: US $6,500 (includes 15% administration fee)

Cost break down

  • Construction materials: $5,000
  • Transportation: $500
  • Mosquito nets: $10
  • HIV prevention training $20
  • Water and sanitation training: $10
  • Wills and inheritance training: $60
  • Labor: $900

Habitat for Humanity- Malawi Target Groups

  • Low income households living on less than $1.00 a day
  • Orphan and Vulnerable Group Households i.e.:
  • Children who have lost one or both parents
  • Households headed by a child or grandparent
  • Households who are homeless or living in poverty housing
  • Households vulnerable to property grabbing
  • Households with poor access to health, property & psychosocial care