from Laurent Le Languedoc’s “Aquebuzier du Roi”.

Engraver Claude Simonin published the works of Le Languedoc, who was a leading gunmakeer in the last decades of the 17th and the early 18th century, in his pattern-book Plusieurs Pieces et Ornements Darquebuzerie” in 1685. These designs and patterns were copied and published many time by many authors. Simonin and his son Jacques Simonin published “Plusiers Pieces et autres Ornements pour los Arquebuziers. in 1693

Mid 1600’s German Flintlock Pistol

Firearm decoration from design sheets published by Claude Simonin

The first of the publication appeared in 1684 by Claude Simonin.

Siminon In et Felcit – LE LANGVEDOC A PARIS.

Heinrich Raab also published these same images . not sure if he was taking credit for Langvedoc’s work or not.

so… How to make one?

Trial and error…

I have always wanted to make a Steinschloss and a Radschloss. Either a pistol, rifle or smoothbore. The draw is the combination of blending fine art and precision mechanisms into w beautiful working contraption.

The Rococo and Baroque styles have always appealed to me. I wanted one. More important;ly, I wanted to build one. So, where does one find parts for these ultra-high end , museaum quality pieces? well, Each piece could be designed and forged. or, Each piece coulee be build in wax and the cast, or an original could be the master on which to cast parts from. When Roland built the F-40, other F40’s were used as masters to create molds for the pieces. I decided to find some original pieces to copy. I was unable to find any “High-End” pieces available to purchase, so I had to get different “era” parts and customize them to fit this design ornamentation.