This Blunderbuss has most all of the elements that a fine Steinschloss (flintlock) or Radschloss (Wheellock) should have. The stock is fine burl walnut, with beautiful gold & silver wire inlay accompanied by tasteful horn or bone inlays. The unique horizontal, oval steel blunderbuss barrel is engraved and inlet with gold. It has a unique sling attachment and belt hook attached to the simply styled lockplate. Most uncommon, this blunderbuss sports a folding stock that allows it to be worn on a chest strap under a cloak. I can imagine a wealthy nobleman having this in his carriage for self defense in close quarters.

According to the site in Italy where this was purchased, it is from the early part of the 18th century, about 1720-30. the barrel proof mark exists but is not been identified. There is no makers mark or signature found. Amazingly, it managed to make it all the way from Italy LOADED!!! It will be unloaded at a future date and the contents examined and documented. Hopefully it is not just a dead mouse.

Please contact us if you would like to acquire this item. Price available upon request.