I have always admired the artistry, fine detail, and functionality of early flintlocks. Traveling and working around the world has allowed me to see firsthand many excellent examples of this “explosive” art form.

I have always desired to build a flintlock. The ones that I wish to build are in the style of the old masters, from the Baroque and Rococo periods. Highly decorated pieces just appeal to me. It is a combination of fine woodworking, exceptional metalworking, and creative engineering to make an artistic piece such as these that function.

They excite me thinking about the artistic skill and the many hours of work that went into producing them. I admire the handy-work, the skill and creativity. Something that is as much an art piece as a fully functioning engineered piece.

Felix Meier Jaeger Rifle

From the Ron Scott Collection

I started to investigate some artists that I admired their work. Felix Meier was one of the gun smiths (oder Büchsenmacher auf deutsch!). Felix Meier lived in Vienna in present day Austria.

Felix Meier Jaeger Rifle - makers mark